We review every single kit from the first ever Canadian Premier League season. HFX Wanderers, York9 FC, Forge FC, Valour FC, FC Edmonton, Cavalry FC and …


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  1. Great review guys!

    Being a Pacific FC supporter (living in Victoria) @Victoriagooner on Twitter, the CPL is a fabulous initiative started almost three years ago. The league kicks off their inaugural match on Saturday, April 27 with Forge v York 9 and on Sunday, April 28 with Pacific v HFX Wanderers. Another great thing about the CPL, which is different from North American sports is the season is split into a Spring and Fall leagues (like Clausura and Apertura in Central/South American leagues). It is a single table for each mini league and the winners of each mini-league meet in the CPL Championship in October. Winner of the CPL gets a berth into the Concacaf League (qualifying tournament for the Concacaf Champions League). There is talks of two to three more clubs being announced for 2020 (Montreal and Vancouver are rumors but CPL has stated they have 18 ownership groups interested in forming a club). The end result is to have 16 clubs by 2026 World Cup.

    OneSoccer shirt sponsors is the streaming service that Canada Soccer Association and CPL will be using to stream CPL, National team, and Canadian Championship (our FA Cup) games plus bumper/shoulder content like La Liga TV. It will be produced by MediaPRO who does the production of La Liga and Champions League in Europe and around the world. The deal was worth $200m Cdn over 10 years.

    Cavalry FC represents the Canadian Army unit Lord Strathcona Horse Cavalry Regiment in the Calgary area. Plus Calgary host the world famous Calgary Stampede Rodeo each summer in July.

    Pacific FC badge is multiple meanings. The main teal part is a Douglas fit tree but it also represents Vancouver Island and the rest of British Columbia where Pacific FC play. The purple border represents the Pacific Ocean that surrounds Vancouver Island. There is a trident and the initials PFC in the trunk of the Douglas fir. I love the badge as it is one of a kind as you never seen another badge designed in that shape. The away kit has subliminated chevrons on the front which represent ocean waves. The trident and initials PFC on the back is taken from the badge.

    We finally have a Tier 1 league to call our own. Let me know if you guys want to talk CPL. Cheers guys and keep up the great work.

  2. TBH, I've never been into watching sports, but the CPL intrigues me. Watched the league's inaugural game today between Forge and York 9 and was entertained. I might just become a footy fan.

    As a Winnipegger, I love Valour's colours and name. In the First World War, three young men from the same street signed up for service. Only one came back. All three were awarded the Victoria Cross for their bravery while deployed. Their street — Pine Street — was renamed as Valour Road. I drive past it all the time.

    The maroon comes from the ribbons from which their Victoria Crosses hung. The fields of wheat that surround Winnipeg (a prairie city) inspired the gold. The black represents the soil from which that wheat grows.

  3. Some nice kits. I really like both of the HFX Wanderers kits, as well as the FC Edmonton away, the Cavalry FC home, and both the Pacific FC home and away kits. Macron have done really well to produce unique designs for the 14 kits (respective to the CPL) for all of the teams. I guess my team would be Pacific FC as I like both kits and a family friend lives in the area.

  4. Great review, guys, thanks for showing an interest in our new league. : ) A few bonus things:

    -That star on the HFX Wanderers crest is the outline of the Halifax Citadel, and the Wanderers' Grounds are located right next to that hill.
    -Hamilton is also the home of the very first Tim Hortons, and they'll be playing at Tim Hortons field! If you like them for their sponsor, you won't be disappointed!

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