Begin Small, But Do Not End Up Small

The starting point of every great accomplishment is froth with discouragement and hiccups. The most important point is starting something, no matter how small that venture or business looks. Like a mustard seed, that small venture can eventually blossom to something beyond your own imagination.

When the seed of idea is generated, do well to plant it on a fertile ground and water it daily with patience and hard work. Pour all your time, energy and resources into it, and watch it grow into that perfect project you envisaged. It is a process which has worked for millions and is still functional.

When Computer giants- Microsoft Corporation was established some years ago by a little unknown boy called Bill Gate, it was never given any chance of survival, but hard work and consistent innovations has eventually made the company the biggest computer firm in the world.

Some individuals are just too proud to start small; preferring to wait till the perfect time comes before they launch their perfect business. Unfortunately that perfect time continues to elude them and the idea dies a natural death.

Austin Okocha, one of the living legends of Nigerian football had the unique opportunity to travel to Germany to visit a friend in 1990. He was sighted by soccer scouts during a training session and after few months he was given his first professional contract by Borussia Neunkirchen a third Division Club in Germany. From that humble beginning, he blossomed to become a superstar, featuring for big clubs like Paris Saint-Germaine of France, Bolton Wanderers of England and Fenerbahce of Turkey. He was not ashamed to start small, but his humility and patience saw him been made the captain of the Nigerian National team-The Super Eagles.

So many individual are not disposed to starting small, and research have shown that only people who are careful in managing resources and are disposed to a humble beginning are able to conserve the money to start afresh. We must be able to let go of ego and start doing something positively in the direction of our dreams and visions in life. Never be ashamed to start small, but strive to move a step higher as you progress in your chosen venture.

There is nothing one cannot achieve in life, as long as you consistently pursue it. The effort to start from the scratch will fuel your passion and give you the needed momentum to climb the ladder of success and end up in the top echelon of greatness.

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