Review and Comparison of 2014-2015 Authentic and Replica FC Barcelona Home Jerseys

This is a review and comparison video of the new Barcelona home jersey for season 14/15. Enjoy!

camiseta de nigeria Tras la sorprendente futura equipación del FC Barcelona, repasamos algunos equipos que han vestido a cuadros en la historia del fútbol.

38 comentarios sobre “Review and Comparison of 2014-2015 Authentic and Replica FC Barcelona Home Jerseys”

  1. Those shirts R a big fake 
    they R not replica or autentic.
    They made by thailand.
    Nike doesnt work/create/made shitrs or anything else in thailand!!!!
    All the sets or only shirts are a fake but a good one.
    its cost around 15$ 4 a set with a number & name.
    I know bc i have been in thailand  4 times.

  2. wtf so in camp nou Nike store I was thinking that I buy the original t-shirt its cost 100€ now after this video I know that the t-shirt that I buy it its not the officially its an replica t- shirt wtfffff

  3. Both shirts not authentic.
    Sorry guys but if we speak about authentic football shirt we talk about shirt prepared for the game for x player.

    Check my video. I upload more asap.

    Fc Barcelona Kolekcja – fan page on Facebook. You can see my collection of Fc Barcelona.


  4. Its the same thing, unfortunatly the authentic one is only the "player" shirt, that way people can buy it and feel like what the player is using, the "replica" shirt is so that people can wear it normally like any other shirt, its just that the LFP badge is stichted so that it wont fall off

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