Esports Jersey Design Tutorial Yellow Images Mockup

DaseDesigns here with eSports Jersey Design Tutorial!In this video I’ll be going over a few tips and my process for creating jersey designs! All logo designs and …

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  1. Hello DaseDesigns, im at my 1st year in high school really apparciate your video and it's very helpful. And i try your step already but it seems my free template it's not really good its more like 2d paint design. Can you share your template with me, because in my country its not allowed yet to have a Credit Card when still highschool. 🙁
    My E-mail is:
    Thanks before. 😀

  2. Not sure if it was covered, but what is the best way to export these files for a printer? If they are going to sublimate, would that mean I have to break the design into 4 pieces? (Two arms, front and back?)

  3. I'm new to photoshop, and I want to design the jersey of my team.
    What kind of blending mode do you use to color the jersey so you can keep the highlights and shadows? I decide to do it from scratch, downloaded a picture and started creating shapes for the patterns, but I just see flat colors. I lose every detail.

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