Comparison: Authentic vs High End Fake FC Barcelona Home Jersey 2015/2016 [4K]

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camiseta chelsea 2018 Dos equipos españoles que todos conocemos están en ranking de camisetas de fútbol más vendidas del mundo, pero no en primer lugar.

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  1. I'd rather pay 14 to 16 $ for a fake thats basically the same besides a few minor details nobody can see or tell unless u get a magnifying glass, then pay up to 100$ the biggest argument u had was the ticket on the jersey (which lets be real, nobody gives a shit about that u take it off n throw it away lmao) ad the stitching, which isnt even that bad…. so in comparison id rather save 70 to 80$ and compromise on the stitching

  2. Hi buddy, maybe you should also mention the special stitching pattern on the inside shoulder side of the jersey, which is not complete on the upper part of the shoulder of the real jersey, guess this would be a difficult characteristic to copy. Also, sorry you didn't highlight the authentic and dri-fit logos, and commentate on them… But a very useful video on details that will ALWAYS make the difference between true and fake to real fans ')

  3. quick going to buy a authentic barcelona jersey (with gold tag)I know they run tight as I read some people's review but I wanted to know if I should get a size larger?I'm usually a adults medium but I don't want to order it without knowing if I should stick to the size m or if I should go to a size L?

  4. hi you could tell me about a T-shirt of Barcelona 2006-2007 orange away without the logo of UNICEF (I've seen many shirts that look more authentic not found any picture with her players on the field) there arose doubts … you could me help out?

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