How to Choose an NHL Jersey (Mens/Womens/Youth)

I show you the different sizes, fits, and details of various NHL jerseys: Men’s Reebok Premier (Small), Women’s Reebok Premier (Small), and Youth Reebok …

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  1. My wife has quite a collection of women’s jerseys which she wears out most of the time and she also has men’s small which she wears casually at home. Especially if she’s wearing shorts or yoga pants. Hockey jerseys are very versatile for women and I love it either way. IMO, I’d stay away from children’s sizes.

  2. I also noticed that for the women's jerseys the number's size matters. I got Kucherov #86 and the numbers were so bulky that the numbers like pushed together and created a triangle sticking from the back!! This wasn't a problem with my Barkov #16 Jersey, but I think that's because the 1 takes up less space?? No sure but something to keep in mind

  3. Not the closest as you can actually buy Game Worn Jerseys.
    I seen 50% off right now on many of them at the price point of 250 to 500 dollars.
    Of course they get even more pricey in the thousands but they are truly Authentic!
    Not the BS on ShopNHL that states Authentic.

  4. Wanted to see if I could get away with buying a youth XL jersey as there was one on ebay for only 10 dollars 😂 Went for it. I'm aware it probably won't be the best quality but honestly for 10 dollars I'm happy lol.

  5. I'm a 5'0 woman but I get XL Youth Jerseys, you can get them with authentic stitching and fabric. Those are little more expensive than the pressed ones, but they're still cheaper than the men/women's! The sleeves are just a bit on the short side yeah, but otherwise they fit pretty great, look just as real as men/women's, and I get to save money.

    edit: also, thanks for the vid but fuck the hawks lol. LGRW!

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