Cristiano Ronaldo – All 62 Free-Kick Goals In Career | With Commentaries

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44 comentarios sobre “Cristiano Ronaldo – All 62 Free-Kick Goals In Career | With Commentaries”

  1. Ronaldo’s long range free kicks are the best. The power is too much for the goalkeepers. Messi’s free kicks are also good, but only near the box. Ronaldo’s are much better. If it’s on target you can’t save it. Almost always the goalkeepers don’t move and stand like a statue, while when Messi shoots the keeper is always very close to save it.

  2. Hello my dear please Could you please put us a full video about all the goals of Cristiano Ronaldo all in high quality, I am looking for it in order to watch it and I did not find it, please my friend Can you put this video that I told you please, and thank you very much thanks

  3. Ronaldo's Top 5 Hattricks –
    1)Spain (2018 WC),
    2)Fifa Club World Cup ,
    3)UCL against Wolfsburg (when the were lagging 2-0)
    4)UCL Semi Final Atletico Madrid ( Best Defense in the world)
    5) 2019 UCL Quarterfinal against Atletico Madrid ( Best Defense in the world )

    Messi's Best Hattricks-
    Getafe , levante , Bilbao , Sociedad, Sevilla. 😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣

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