AMAZING! American Reacts To SOCCER AID 2019 WORLD XI 2-2 ENGLAND XI (3-1 Pens)

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43 comentarios sobre “AMAZING! American Reacts To SOCCER AID 2019 WORLD XI 2-2 ENGLAND XI (3-1 Pens)”

  1. bro cantona the king the legend went in you didnt have a reaction nothing to say about him wow man that a legend right there at same level than ronaldo messi zidane maradona pele berkamp cantona is one of them

  2. Do you know that currently it is running the woman-football WC- Ship; and all over that the U21-european C_Ship??? DUDE!, you better should make some reaction_Videos, if you pretend to be a football Fan! 😥😛

  3. Julio César, who was a goalie for World XI is an Inter Milan legend. And Jamie Carragher whom you've praised for defending against Bolt was really good center-back for Liverpool, so of course he will cope with a guy who only played professionall football for a couple of weeks.

  4. Italy does this kind of event basically every year and btw, as an Inter Milan fan, Julio Cesar was one of the best keepers in the world and still possesses crazy reflexes, you should watch some of his best saves.
    And as a side note, there was a game about 10 days ago, called la Notte dei Re where two teams of former legends captained by Totti and Figo faced each other in a crazy 5 v 5 game, you should definitely check out the highlights

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