Calvin Klein Mens Underwear Try On haul

Open Me !! Social Links – Twitter – Instagram – this video is not sponsored all items were paid out of my own pocket.

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  1. Hi mikee sounds like your gonna be very busy college l hope do well. I sure do love your orange underwear it is so sexy soft and bright color .your assistance so sexy l know l say that too much but l can't help your gorgeous.

  2. great selection in underwear bro…. teal, orange, reds, and blk colors are dope 😉 my personal opinion CK, by far makes the best comfortable designer underwear, worth the price too 😉

    * couple months back, i copped a bunch of CK undiez @ Burlington for $2.99/each., Lol…..

  3. I got those blue ones 2 pairs cause I love them… they fit like a glove… one of the most comfortable under wear I bought from Calvin Klein… they're so soft and feels like silk is hugging you… love them… wish I bought more but I got them outside of the city agh and didnt find them here and at a great price instead of full retail price… I noticed u wear them kinda higher than suggested… its all about whatever u are comfortable I guess… for me I think it looks better on waste or bit lower…

  4. too over priced 1 for 31 pounds, believe it or not i bought 3 calvin klein truks in one back and exactly same this quality and 100% original ( made in bangladish ) and i bought it 10 dollers only but i choose it all white because i dont like other colores, it looks like you pay alot of taxes in your country

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