Top Shaadi Gift Ideas

Weddings in the sub-continent have a majestic touch, with lavishly done wedding halls, along, with extravagant and prodigal wedding gifts. Wedding gifts play a vital role in the matrimonial ceremonies. This article will help you find the perfect gift for your loved one or a friend. It discusses the various shades of weddings and how to the find the perfect gift for the groom and the bride.

Wedding Gifts for Groom

With the passage of time, trends have changed, but in spite of that, Watches are still chosen as a wedding gift for the groom. There are all types of watches which can be bought according to the groom's personality and liking. It could be a deluxe Rado, Omega or Citizen for his big day. Guys also like electronic things, so if the groom is another techy in the house, some latest gadget can also be sought as a matrimonial gift for the groom. Gadgets like iPod, MP3 player, mobile phones or stereo system can be given as a gift. A digital camera is still another option for the groom's gift. It is handy and portable and can be cherished forever.

What can be better than an enticing perfume? It is one of the most appropriate wedding gifts of all times. Limited perfumes from Calvin Klein, Dior, Hugo Boss and Armani could be presented as a shaadi gift. Exclusive and aboriginal brands like 'AmitabhBachchan' can serve as an excellent shaadi gift too.

Another excellent option is personalized gifts. If you want to give something that is very different and special, you can present a personalized gift of your choice. If you are a very close friend, you can collect pictures of the bride and groom and get a customized gift, which will be cherished over the years to come. Customized gifts are an excellent option, because they have more space for indulgence and personal creativity, and most of all, they are priceless.

Wedding Gifts for the Precious Bride

To choose just the perfect gift for the bride is a very daunting task for some people. One of the best shaadi gifts to the bride is Jewelery. You can gift pearls, gold pendants, rings, ear studs or platinum jewelery. You can also choose between semi-precious stones and imitation jewelery. Imitation jewelery is in rave because of its economic benefits. If you want to give something very special, handcrafted jewelery is yet another option. If the groom can wear lavish watches, why not the bride? Titan watches have introduced a new collection called "Titan Raga". They have beautiful and delicate designs to be adorned on the bride's wrist. Moreover Omega, Swistar, Gucci and Swatch brands of watches are deluxe presents to pamper the bride.

Other than that, if you have somehow captured a picture of the couple at their date or other pre-wedding occasions, you can get that picture printed onto a t-shirt, photo frame or a mug. This is an excellent way to lavish the bride with a customized gift.

A wedding is an event of boasting one's culture and family trends in the sub-continent and shaadi gifts are one of the best ways to show one's love and appreciation for the couple. So, get hold of one of these top gifts ideas and enjoy at the wedding!

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