British Soccer fan reacts to Basketball – 5 Missed Shots That Woud Have Changed NBA History Forever

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46 comentarios sobre “British Soccer fan reacts to Basketball – 5 Missed Shots That Woud Have Changed NBA History Forever”

  1. Hey Luka! Love the videos man! I'm a subscriber over here in Atlanta, Ga. And don't worry about going through ALL videos. The NBA has so much history and great players. This video alone gave you players like Tim Duncan, Patrick Ewing, Hakeem "The Dream" Olajuwon, and my favorite player John Starks to review. Oh and Reggie Miller sinking 8 points in 9 seconds with Spike Lee looking disgusted…so, so great! So much my man, so much!

  2. Jerry West (Lakers) only won 1 (but got there many times) because the Celtics were just too good in the 60s. Also, Lebron comes to mind with 9 finals appearances and only 3 wins. Lebron usually is doing it by himself though which is why he lost so many. The ones he won were with either the big 3 of Lebron, D Wade, and Chris Bosh in Miami or when he had Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love in Cleveland.

  3. You should react to “No one has ever done THIS before” by jimmyhighroller it will give you a better view on how the nba play style is now and how the game has changed over the last couple years.

  4. 1:04 "Without YouTube, I don't know what 99% of us would be doing." I love sports and YouTube, but holy hell, read a book or something. I'm sure a lot of us here have a wide variety of interests, perhaps you should try getting some.

  5. Narrator: Neither team has scored a basket in over three minutes of game time.
    Luka, like 20 seconds later: From what I remember, there was a lot of missed shots in like the last 3 minutes. From what I remember.
    Dude, it might be of value to you to actually listen to the video.

  6. You definitely need to react to Reggie Miller's 8 points in 9 seconds. A lot of people left the game early and then found out what happened when they got to their cars and turned on the radio or when they got home. It's still one of the most insane moments in NBA History.

  7. The call with Kobe, despite looking gruesome really comes down to Bibby's right arm hooked around Kobe's waist, and Kobe's elbow hitting Bibby trying to break through.

    This video is also wrong in that the foul wasn't on Bibby, it was on Doug Christie, who intentionally fouled Kobe to stop the clock, after the Lakers got the ball in bounds.

    So the video presents this as Bibby being called for a foul after getting elbowed in the face – no.

    Bibby hooked Kobe, the refs didn't call it, Kobe fought through the hook, elbowing Bibby, the refs didn't call it – they were "letting them play"…Doug Christie then intentionally fouled Kobe to stop the clock.

    Also, if Bibby hit the shot, they would've gone to OT, not have won. It's just presented much more dramatically then it really happened.

  8. you should react to that Kings/Lakers series. There are tons of videos on it (one by Mike Korzemba which is really well done) its pretty much obviously rigged and robbed my Kings of pretty much any chance of a championship in the many years to come. DESTROYED our franchisse

  9. Please react to SB Nation "how the thunder failed to win a title after drafting 3 MVPs in a row"
    it will teach you the history of the thunder and the history between russell westbrook and kevin durant

  10. 1.) Kobe elbowing Bibby was literally a foul. That entire game was rigged basically
    2.) Just to show you how the Warriors should have had 5 championships by now:
    2015 Finals: Warriors won 4-2 vs. Cavaliers
    2016 Finals: Warriors lost 3-4 vs. Cavaliers (Came from a Western Conference Finals where the Warriors were down 3-1 themselves and came back)
    2017 Finals: Warriors won 4-1 vs. Cavaliers (btw Game 4 looked rigged so the Warriors could have actually have a perfect playoff record. They had a record of 16-1 this playoffs)
    2018 Finals: Warriors won 4-0 vs. Cavaliers (The Warriors may or may not be here if their opponent in the Western Conference Finals, the Rockets, actually did not miss 27 threes in a row in a crucial Game 7)
    2019 Finals: Warriors lost 2-4 vs. Raptors (Injuries seriously break everything)
    3 games away from having 5 championships in a row
    3.) Please watch iconic shots of the decade by Dom2k. He is a good youtuber. If you want to see game highlights, watch the Game 6 of the 2016 Western Conference Finals

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