Was Jose Altuve wearing a buzzer? Max Kellerman breaks down video | First Take

Max Kellerman analyzes video of Jose Altuve telling his Houston Astros teammates not to rip his jersey after his walk-off home run vs. the New York Yankees in …

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25 comentarios sobre “Was Jose Altuve wearing a buzzer? Max Kellerman breaks down video | First Take”

  1. Have you guys seen all the pictures of…. (what’s his name…) Altuve in the thumbnails for the videos? They really don’t make him very like able. It’s like this whole Astros cheating this is one big wrestling heel promo.

  2. The NBA is the most boring sport in America… “ oh my God the guy who 6 foot 10 just dunked on a 10 foot rim I’m so impressed” that’s like me dunking on my sons little tykes basketball hoop…. maybe the fact that ESPN only covers the NBA is the reason why no one watches ESPN anymore… That’s how you end up with Max Kellerman a boxing analyst (Who would lose any fight against anyone on earth) Telling us that no one watches baseball anymore

  3. This is funny, they're saying no one is talking about baseball. Nah, ESPN doesn't talk about baseball. I actually stopped watching ESPN when I noticed during the MLB playoff push they started talking about Lebron more than baseball. I could play that card too. No one that I know talks about basketball. It's easily one of the most pointless "sports" to watch. No one plays defense anymore and you know who is going to win the championship before the season even starts. If that's supposed entertaining to you, then God help you.

  4. Baseball still brings in close to two billion dollars more than the nba and the nfl so no people are still watching and talking you’re just not paying attention to the sport

  5. They cheated and for that reason I'll never wear my 2017 World Series Champions shirt again

    But as a fan I want them to move past this. They didn't cheat this last season, go check if you want, and were 1 game away from winning it all. Like it or not they are one of the best teams in baseball, the second best team last season in fact.

    To me I see them as I see my Dad. He wad an alcoholic but when my Mom threatened to leave him he sobered up and hasn't drank in over 15 years. This team moving forward can shake this off and do great things and as a fan I'm excited to cheer them on

    Hate them if you want but I won't

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