Justin Bieber strips off for new Calvin Klein ads

The 20-year-old singer poses alongside model Lara Stone in a new campaign for the underwear brand. Bieber follows male celebrities including actors Mark …

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46 comentarios sobre “Justin Bieber strips off for new Calvin Klein ads”

  1. You know who should make a Calvin Klein underwear ad? An actual normal, hard working guy & a normal woman who isn't anorexic. The tag line…" I've never worn Calvin Klein's because I can't f***ing afford them".

  2. "To be the next Fruit of the Loom fruit, for me was…. the next step, really. Um, I've been wearing Fruit of the Loom for years. Um, kinda in hopes of being, one day, a Fruit of the Loom fruit but never really, like, thinking it would come to reality…. and now that's it's here, it's really a dream come true."

  3. Nowadays people are divided between hatred and obsession! Justin Bieber is just a person of many of hollywood. And well, if you do not like his music, it's easy, do not listen!
    Before someone accuse me of being a belieber, I'll already clear that, no, I am not. The truth is that I'm not a really big fan of his music, is not the type I listen, but it's not why I will hate him! or do cyberbullying! Can not you realize that certain comments that many of you do can really hurt the feelings of the person to whom you are refering ?! how many people do not have committed suicide because of situations like that ?! And now, don't you say that you criticize the attitudes he has had (like drugs and etc)!
    because he started very small career and from that song "Baby" soon began attacks to him. I'm not sure of the age but I think he was about 15 years old when released that song. Now put yourself in his place, a teenager getting super aggressive criticism just because did a song that is not the type of everyone (guess what is normal exist persons that like and otheres that don't)!
    Do not like do not listen! These attitudes… since reviews all over the internet, threats, all that general hatred, I believe it was this that led the Justin Bieber to have less right attitudes today! you now criticize these attitudes, but you were the drivers of them! Do You feel happier to criticize a person a low and ridiculous way ?! and in the matter of CK, why so many bad reviews? was the video bad? did he not look good in the clothes of CK? did he plays bad drums? because to me it seems that he did a great job in the video. And please don't criticize his body! before you criticized because he had not bulging muscles and look like a girl! … and now you say it is photoshop or is it the fact that he has a lot of money and can go to the gym. many persons can go to the gym, but do not go because they have no willpower, so Justin deserves all the credit for his work!

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