Pokémon Sword & Shield – Champion Battle + Ending

This video shows a complete walkthrough of the Pokemon League Finals including the Elite Four and the Champion Battle vs Leon in Pokémon Sword & Shield …


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49 comentarios sobre “Pokémon Sword & Shield – Champion Battle + Ending”

  1. Wish at least we as the champion would get the same music or at least a champion related music when fighting the final contestant. Or at least let me fight leon again in the tournament instead of stupid battle tower

  2. don't mind me. im just watching this video because im totally not playing pokemon sword right now and im totally not too scared to do the champion battle and im totally not watching videos on how to actually win aaAAAaaAAAaaAaaaAaaAAaAaAAAaaAaAAaaah 🙂

  3. The Pokemon League is meant to be something luxurious or in a luxurious building not some stupid football field completely takes away the feel of the Pokémon League stick with the isolation of the previous 7 generations it should not be a tournament like in the anime.

  4. I see people saying that this was easy but that's because people just grind a lot and I made this battle with lvl 50 pkmns and it was actually hard. Just don't overpower ur pokemons if you want a real challenge and go straight for it.

    Just my opinion tho

  5. Leon's expression as soon as he loses is amazing. What a quick, but emotionally powerful sequence. This is what GameFreak is good at. Leon experienced every stage of grief in the span of 2 seconds. Perfect ending to an almost perfect game.

  6. Thanks for posting this. My dog knocked me in the head with his skull when the last cutscenes began and I sat with my throbbing head in my hands for the entire thing, not realizing the dialogue would continue even if I didn't press A. I missed it. I missed the whole ending. After hours of gameplay I missed it, and had a splitting headache. So yeah thank you.

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