CALVIN KLEIN Haul/Styling + 3 Quick Confidence Tips

thank you so much for watching today! please hit the notification bell so you’ll know every time i upload! thanks to CALVIN KLEIN for sponsoring this video. i’m …

ropa de calvin klein barata – Compras en línea en Ropa de una gran selección de Bóxers, Slips, Tangas, Bóxers ajustados, Camisetas interiores, Térmicos y mucho más a precios bajos.

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  1. i’ve tried to be kind & loving my entire 20 years of living & i get nothing in return except an attitude. it’s just odd how this is kinda the era of love yourself and everyone but when i try i’m flat lined. lol just my fate i suppose. i luv u nat ur adorable!!

  2. You wear these beautifully. However I once saw a quote from Calvin himself years ago … if your bigger than a size 12 you have no business wearing denim jeans. I’ve remembered that for many years. I wear denim just have never ever even tried Calvin Klein

  3. Missed you SO MUCH!!!!! Your new place looks beautiful! And you look as gorgeous as always! Thank you for putting this video out there, I am going to save it so that I can listen to your three points over and over again. Thank you also for putting yourself out there, I’m sure that you help more people than you are ever aware of, I know that you definitely help me and always brighten up my day! Keep up the fabulous work!!

  4. I said it on another video but I'll say it here. They didnt fuck with me back in the day, I wont fuck with them now. I'm super happy you were sponsored by them though, make that coin! Also, loved the confidence tips!

  5. I've been wanting to get a set of these, because just like you I never thought I'd get the opportunity to wear Calvin's. Plus I love this campaign. But sadly they are super expensive in Australia 😔

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