Each MLS Team's First Goal Ever

The first goal ever scored in each club’s MLS history. Subscribe to our channel for more soccer content: …


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  1. I remember MLS was an afterthought to everyone and many of us stuck to EPL and Champions League. Atlanta United is Born and now I'm exposed to Growing fan bases all over the Country. Every time Atlanta plays on the Road or Home I see packed stadiums, cheering, and such high Energy that it's like I'm watching EPL. MLS will get stronger and better that we can one day Compete with our EPL Brothers. #ATLUD #FiveStripes #UniteAndConquer

  2. Shows how much MLS has grown since 1996. From 10 teams to 22 and more coming. The kits have got better and the names of teams have too. The Clash, Burn, Wizards, and Metro Stars. Shame the Fusion, Mutiny and Chivas USA had to go.

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