Ranking New Home Kits 2020 | League Of Ireland |

Ranking New Home Kits 2020 | League Of Ireland | Irish footy vlogs takes a look at the eleven new home kits for 2020, talks through them and ranks them from …


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  1. Obviously have to wait to see them in the flesh to make an honest judgement but as it stands I don't like the Waterford one that much nor the Dundalk one which you rightly place at No. 11 – I'd have it at No.12 🙂 Love, love, love the Harps one and Rovers I think have a good 'variation on a theme' this year. Claret & Blue does nothing for me so that's be well down my list as well albeit I do like the addition of the gold trim to change it up a bit.

  2. Shelbournes kit is a modern take on our Jersey from 1963. That year we did great in Europe, even taken the lead against Barcelona in the new Camp.
    Sadly ended up losing but to ever take the lead against Barca in their back garden is a hell of a accomplishment.
    Also to saying shels Jersey looks like a rugby Jersey. Shels had the 3 gold icons on a blue shield on a red top before Munster ever had it.
    So it's fair to say Munsters Jersey look like a shels one.

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