Running from BEARS! | College Life: We Ran the Baylor Line

You wanna know Baylor’s MOST FUN Freshman tradition??? Running the Baylor Line! Watch us storm the football field with 1000’s of other students (Baylor …


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49 comentarios sobre “Running from BEARS! | College Life: We Ran the Baylor Line”

  1. Me: listens to video while trying to draw
    Bailey: Okay guys so I got a casualty
    Me:*drops pencil and stares at screen*
    Brooklyn: Bailey got scratched!
    Me: phew! nobody died or broke anything! We're good.
    Lol! love you guys! Keep up the great work! ❤❤

  2. I know that I’m a loser because I’m super late watching this but I saw the brush Brooklyn had at the beginning of the video and I have that exact same brush. Just thought it was cool. Sorry for my awkwardness. 😝

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