Leicester vs Liverpool | Boxing day bonanza | Liverpool Preview Show

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25 comentarios sobre “Leicester vs Liverpool | Boxing day bonanza | Liverpool Preview Show”

  1. the huge match was flamengo !
    leicester is a medium level team ✋
    my lineup 433
    trent gomez vvd robbo
    keita hendo lallana
    salah firmino mane
    or 4231
    trent gomez vvd robbo
    hendo lallana/milner
    salah firmino mane
    merry christmas 🦹🏻‍♀️

  2. Good point Callum on the BALANCE they have in midfield. Our front 3 won't be who decides this game. They have a VERY good defense but if we control Vardy & the Midfield area then it'll bode well 4 us, & look easy in the process. Otherwise this will be a draw

  3. If you go on current form, Leicester have faltered recently. Norwich gave them nightmares and should have won. And Man City blew them away in that 2nd half. If Liverpool pile on relentless attacks, they can get 2 or 3. Leicester struggle to score if Vardy is kept quite, that's the key.

  4. Why are you man talking about the game at Anfield? That's Anfield everyone gets bagged at Anfield. Playing at the King Power is a hard game and will come down to mentality. You guys arent showing Leicester enough respect. And stop talking out your asses and speak like you know football. Not because City beat them means we will as well. That's basic football knowledge. Pep sets his team up different from Klopp it's a completely different game.

  5. My starting 11 v Leicester


    Firmino, keita to come on 2nd half,

    Klopp going to start his bum boy in this game…grandad aka lallana…
    down to 10 players before a balls been kicked 😱😱😭😭😭

  6. City beat this Leicester team 3-1 at a canter, so how good they really are? We controlled the game at Anfield against them, 17 shots to 2. It's only when we made changes towards the end that they got a upper hand, for 10 mins, and scored. After which Brendan Rodgers took out his goalscorer and parked the bus. It's true we are missing players, but Leicester practically have played 1 game a week up till recently, and that's coincided with them starting to drop points. Klopp and his men to make no mistakes, 3-0 to Liverpool

  7. I think y'all fear Leicester way too much . Remember at Anfield we absotuley dominated them they were very lucky we didnt kill the game I think they only had 1 or 2 shots all game, they were sitting very deep and tight . They were totallly outplayed by City I mean Im just saying maybe it'll be different cuz they're at home!!

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