FIFA World Cup Away Jerseys Ranked 1-32

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  1. The tradition of some of the countries choosing white as primary shirt colour goes as far back as the early 1900's both for clubs and national teams. Real Madrid got to be original and choose all-white, whereas in Barcelona it became a focal point to avoid and despise white altogether due to its represantation of Castilla and the ruling government. England were always iconic with their flag coloured white tops and secondary red shirts, and again Germany and Austria were two of the original national teams to start with white shirts and black shorts. Brazil, Sweden, Romania and Colombia chose early on to have bright, yellow as their main colour, and remain with very iconic shirts to this day. The current Russian football federation is very proud of their Soviet historic team, and want to sport a reminiscance of the red-white shirts of old on the primary shirt, and are not interested in the blue from the flag. Juventus and several club teams in Italy drew inspiration from Notts County and English clubs early on. If a team has a long enough history, their choice of colour and and particularly white as a main colour will make sense, if you just read a bit about their origins and some of their rivalries.

  2. 32. Egypt
    31. Tunisia
    30. Spain
    29. Iran
    28. Colombia
    27. Denmark
    26. Serbia
    25. Costa Rica
    24. Panama
    23. Portugal
    22. Mexico
    21. Saudi Arabia
    20. Uruguay
    19. Morocco
    18. Japan
    17. South Korea
    16. Russia
    15. Uruguay
    14. Senegal
    13. England
    12. Australia
    11. Poland
    10. France
    9. Nigeria
    8. Switzerland
    7. Argentina
    6. Croatia
    5. Peru
    4. Sweden
    3. Brazil
    2. Belgium
    1. Germany

  3. alot of kits this year are throwback designs, fun fact iran had to buy there kits from addidas instead of being sponserd, also the stars above a few crests are a way to repersent how many world cups you have won for example spain has one star meaning they have one the cup one time.

  4. I think they choose the jerseys (dark or light) as primary and secondary.
    So the home team has their primary and the away whichever jersey clashes the least (priority on their primary again).
    That's what I've noticed they do mostly in club soccer here in the Netherlands.

  5. Colors of football jerseys are almost always based on history of particular country (or club) and some of them have their roots even in the end of 19th century when football associations (and clubs) were founded. It's more about have the main version of jersey and the 2nd version. For example, Brazil have yellow top and blue shorts, England have white top, Spain red, Italy blue, Germany white top and so on. 🙂 So, when for example Germany plays against Italy, they both have their main versions of jerseys. 🙂
    BTW: French rooster is called "Gallic rooster" now and it was used many many times in history of this country. For example during French revolution it was symbol of hope and faith in art, during WW2 it symbolised bravery of the French people.

  6. In football there is no just thing as white or non white jerseys for home and away kits, before I got into Hockey, NFL. I wouldn’t have even thought this was a thing but is something that not is not used in football

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