For the first time ever, the BD Squad takes part in an NBA Quiz! From the giant front logos of the 90’s, to the sleeved shirts in the 2010’s, this quiz covers the …


camisetas real sociedad baratas Tras la sorprendente futura equipación del FC Barcelona, repasamos algunos equipos que han vestido a cuadros en la historia del fútbol.

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  1. Just a personal preference, but I kinda liked that the quizzes were a hockey thing. I’m am not necessarily against quizzes for other sports though. I guess I just really liked that hockey was the focus and the quizzes brought more awareness of the sport (hello trending page). It also seems weird that Luca would get THE belt considering the other guys weren’t in the quiz (Sorry Luca!). Again, it just seems like it should be a hockey quiz thing.

    Also: aren’t we supposed to get quizzes hosted by Luca and Jesse? I’m looking forward to seeing Z in front of the camera again!

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