ASMR – Football Jerseys – Australian Accent – Describing Football Jerseys & Clubs in a Quiet Whisper

An Australian man’s voice is quietly whispering as he describes various football jerseys. He also describes these football club’s history and various successes.


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47 comentarios sobre “ASMR – Football Jerseys – Australian Accent – Describing Football Jerseys & Clubs in a Quiet Whisper”

  1. You are good at ASMR, and I like your videos, but why the hell do you repeat yourself so often? You said "sports jersey video" three times in the first 22 seconds. And do you speak soooo slowly. But I guess that is intentional, being that it is ASMR.

    I just think that if you were my mate in real life and spoke in this manner in real life, I would want to punch you 😀

  2. A fellow Aussie asmrist and in Sydney aswell? Parra is having a very rough year and the next few games won’t be much easier for you to watch lol. I follow Broncos and we aren’t having the best of times aswell. Warriors tho this year have been amazing to watch

  3. Great vid but just a quick note on Chelsea, they won the First Division in ‘55 but it was the League Cup in 1965 and European Cup Winners Cup in 1971. There was a 50 year gap between their first title and then their one in 2005. Lovely relaxing vid though!

  4. Looks like we’re rivals! Think my Melbourne storm is doing better (only slightly) than the eels this season.
    At least you make up for it by being a wanderers supporter. Never knew an AMSRtist lived so close to me!

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