Who Gets The Dog?

Alicia Silverstone and Ryan Kwanten star in this heartfelt romantic comedy about who gets their adorable Labrador once their marriage goes to the dogs.


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40 comentarios sobre “Who Gets The Dog?”

  1. You can tell the dog has zero connection with either actor…. It's AS IF Cesar (dog trainer) has Westley (spelling wrong in movie) overly trained resulting in a sadly ineffective dog actor roll for this movie.

  2. In a separation there are more important things to worry about than a stupid dog that will trash your house, that will stink it up and will leave hair all over, don’t know how people can live in conjunction with all that grotesqueness. They have no shame working at restaurants and having dog hair all over their clothes, all over their cars and all over their bed. They sleep with the dogs. Eventually all these type of people will develop deseases associated with dogs, they just don’t know it yet. JUST STAY THE FCK AWAY FROM ME AND DONT BE MY SERVANT AT ANY RESTAURANT!!!! Dogs belong outside, just the hair on their bodies proves that!

  3. I love dog movies. Awesome heart touching and funny movie Great ending 🐾😀❤️Today Our great President Trump signed the FIRST ANIMAL CRUELTY BILL something that should have been done decades ago. Im soooo happy that this has finally happened.

  4. I fell in love with the movie for the fact that i love dogs and wat dogs can do in our life. They give us love inmesaly and the love we give them back is wat makes it special and more when they are part of the family. I loved dogs since i was a lil girl maybe 6yrs old now im 27 and still have a girl dog dasiy and one past away in august and im sad but when shes around it makes me remeber him. She is more carefull now that i have a 9 month baby. I LOVE MY FAMILIA!! 💖👦👶🐩💖

  5. i hope this channel DOESN'T delete comments too… i was just watching a channel, of some1 that calls themselves "chri5blind" & that's what THEY do…. i'll even leave good helpful comments, urging others to watch the movie too, but FOR SOME REASON, it just AINT good enough for THEM… 😕 …. i just don't get it….

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