Luka Doncic was clutching his LeBron jersey long after his 1st game vs. Lakers – Woj | NBA Countdown

Paul Pierce, Adrian Wojnarowski, Maria Taylor, Jalen Rose and Jay Williams discuss the most important players in the NBA, discussing Milwaukee Bucks wing …


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38 comentarios sobre “Luka Doncic was clutching his LeBron jersey long after his 1st game vs. Lakers – Woj | NBA Countdown”

  1. This reminds me of the narrative that they use for James Harden. Although they both have supreme NBA IQs, they are offense heavy. They NEVER talk about his defense. Comparing them to LBJ is like comparing LBJ to MJ. Although a fair "barbershop" deliberation, it's not accurate.

    Examples of what it should be:
    1. Kobe Bryant x Michael Jordan
    2. Lebon James x Magic Johnson
    3. Luka Doncic x Larry Bird

    When comparing NBA players collectively, we should responsibly prevent the falsification of our biased opinion. It's momentous to categorize or isolate the key points in our debate. This reinforces the trust of the generations to follow.

  2. Yes, Doncic is a super star player already. no doubt. We all saw he is a all around player. May be the defense is not as good as Lebron and that is it. Every thing else he is as good as Lebron. Actually his driving to the ring and 3 point shot is slightly better I thought. He needs to touch the ball more like what he is doing now from beginning of the game.

  3. The game is faster and teams play smaller so that explains the stats he's putting up. Luka is a phenomenal talent but he's all Offense. If young LeBron came into the league now, he'd average a triple double as well. He's never averaged one but was always thought of as a walking triple double. ESPN will say anything to make a story especially if they can link LeBron to it. Idk what they're gonna do when he retires, he single handedly moves the needle and is at the root of almost every daily sports topic.

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