Italian Disco Dancing | Hitchhiking France-Vietnam | Italy Ep. 11

Whats the connection between soccer jerseys and hitchhiking? How do I find safe places to sleep at night? I’ll answer these questions and more as I continue to …


premier leage Análisis a los cambios de equipación más sorprendentes de los equipos de fútbol.

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  1. Ok Italy is way better than France. Between the topless disco guidos that made me hungry as I watched them feed you and the burly southern guy trashing the northerners, I couldn't stop laughing. Great episode 🤘🏽

  2. I love the intro! Every time I hear "These Are My Thumbs" I sit up and focus. Lots of good tips not just for hitch hiking, which I'm not sure I would ever be successful at, but in general about the places you visit which are all awesome. Loved the jersey story too btw and food…. need more food!

  3. "Italian disco dancing", that's some catchy title ! haha
    Your national shirt story made me think about me own traveling experience. Back in Norway this summer, some friends hitchhiked in the Lofoten Islands, it was pretty hard. The had a French Flag in their bag and took it out. Most of car drivers that took them the next days told them it was thanks to their flag beacause they had "good clichés" about french people. The problem is it is a really nationalist and (i think) racist way of hitchiking (even though my friends were aware about it, but they wanted to go on wich we can all understand).

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