FIFA World Cup Home Jerseys Ranked 1-32

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  1. 32. Spain
    31. Tunisia
    30. Denmark
    29. Egypt
    28. Iran
    27. Australia
    26. England
    25. Costa Rica
    24. Switzerland
    23. Panama
    22. Serbia
    21. South Korea
    20. Morocco
    19. Portugal
    18. Russia
    17. Nigeria
    16. Japan
    15. Saudi Arabia
    14. Sweden
    13. Germany
    12. Poland
    11. Mexico
    10. Senegal
    9. Iceland
    8. Uruguay
    7. Croatia
    6. Argentina
    5. Colombia
    4. Belgium
    3. France
    2. Brazil
    1. Peru

  2. The reason some "home" kits are dark and some are light is because they are actually considered primary and secondary kits. You have your first choice uniform and if it doesn't contrast enough, the traveling team will wear their secondary set

  3. Loved the video but the kits aren't decided on how attractive they look ect. World cup kits are chosen on tradition, the countries colours ect as you said, so for example the England one. It is all white but like that is what England is, the kit won't change for aesthetic purposes unlike NHL and club teams:) Three lions on our chest!

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