Michael Rapaport Slanders Lebron James || Hong Kong Protesters Burn His Jerseys #lebron #china #nike

In this episode, we discuss the attacks on Lebron James coming from Michael Rappaport, and ungrateful Hong Kong protesters. Hit the Like Button To Support !


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25 comentarios sobre “Michael Rapaport Slanders Lebron James || Hong Kong Protesters Burn His Jerseys #lebron #china #nike”

  1. man this dude has been trying since that higher learning movie that hes down with the brothers, hes not racist, he married a black lady, he went all out!! ill give it to him, but deep inside he already picked a side he just riding the fence, so he at times gets way outta pocket!just have to check him bro, he been way to comfortable speaking on blacks

  2. I don’t comment on pages 2 often but I’m gone share this because you spoke 💯TRUTH about this WS Michael Rapport. He sounds personally invested in LBJ with his Hatred! This was disgusting Gary Owen, Michael Rapport, and Vlad tv those 3 are the biggest culture vultures who speak on the community the most!!!

  3. Yao Ming was actually a real life slave to China 🇨🇳, he had a master and everything. The Rockets 🚀 would make out the checks in his master’s name and not in Yao Ming’s name , there was a big controversy about that here in Houston some years back. I think that you could probably even Google it if China didn’t make the media/NBA scrub the articles on it .

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