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29 comentarios sobre “NFL Fan Reacts To The PEPE WORST MOMENTS (DISGUSTING)”

  1. He could be the best defender in the world, nothing justifies the lack of respect for another human being that he shows sometimes (and he still does things like that to this day, he's just more clever and subtle about it)

  2. Pepe is one of the greatest defenders of all time, you'll appreciate his skills if you watch him play. Yes he is aggressive, all footballers are in the heat of moment but i can tell he's passionate as hell and he most of the time he only love to fight divers. The part where he headbutted Muller its because Muller dived. You should google Pepe defensive skills. He's one of my favourite player, he's a fucking warrior.

  3. He was raised in the golden age of FC Porto with the likes of George Costa teaching him a center back needs to play hard and not take shit from anyone. He was conditioned early to be a tough guy that terrifies the opposition and gets the win no matter what.

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