Fake Bayern Munich 2018 LEWANDOWSKI jersey unboxing ⚽🔥 Home kit! DHGATE

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  1. Adrian 34 I received some of my jerseys off DH Gate they are awesome. Have you ever ordered jerseys off DHGate where it says shipped and is marked as shipped and you check the tracking info and it says no tracking record found. I've heard that some tracking takes a couple of days for the tracking info to appear is this correct. I also ordered a jersey and I checked it and it said this store doesn't exist. Any info you have on this let me know. Thanks so much.

  2. Are all the jerseys on http://www.dhgate.com brand names. The ones I see do not have the Puma or Adidas logo. If you know if they are brand names or not let me know. Thanks so much. By brand names I mean they have the Adidas, nike or puma logo. I don't care if they have these logos but are fakes. That is fine.

  3. Is there a certain seller on http://www.dhgate.com that you usually buy from or all they all legit sellers. I bought a AC Milan and a Inter Milan jersey on http://www.ioffer.com and it is a scam. Its been over 25 days and the seller is bs promsiing it is not a scam eventhough the tracking number he gave me for shipping is not legit and then he had the nerve to say the other day that he contacted chinapost and got a new tracking number for it and said you will be able to check it on the chinapost in 1-2 days. Once you have a tracking number you can not get a new one and if you had a legit tracking number you would be able to check it right away it wouldnt take one to two days. I paid via paypal so i am going to do whatever it takes to fight it and get a refund anyways I like the white away jerseys and I ordered a AC Milan and Inter Milan jersey if you know of a seller on http://www.dhgate.com that is legit and has these jerseys let me know. By the way you got some sweet jerseys. I personally like the white away jerseys because they are harder to find.

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