Matt Barnes: Racist High School Kids Put "Die N****r" on My Jerseys (Part 22)

part 23: part 21: Part 1: ———– In this clip, Matt Barnes weighed in …


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43 comentarios sobre “Matt Barnes: Racist High School Kids Put "Die N****r" on My Jerseys (Part 22)”

  1. I always laugh when I hear a black person say "why should we expect mixed/biracial people as black because the white man don't except them, besides they don't really go through what black people go through anyway", and I'm like wow you literally just said that the white man don't except them as if you don't have that in common other than black blood flowing through your veins, black people should never take cues from whites on how to be racist because it just divides and promotes colorism. It's proven that the black blood in mixed black people is the more dominant that's were the natural talent comes from in all the mixed black Scholars, Athletes, Musicians and Entertainers. I call all mixed half black half white people "mixed black people" unless they say don't call them that although I'm very aware the term used mainly nowadays is mixed-biracial.

  2. That’s insane how white kids always find something to single someone out about. I remember back in high school this white kid bullied this other kid because he was extremely short, I mean midget short. The bully slapped the kid and the whole gym class wanted to beat his ass. The bully got so scared he apologized to the kid and bought him lunch.

  3. I'm not even directly mixed, I got a couple generations before where some dipping was done, I'm just light-skinned with dk brown/reddish hair, I get exactly where he is coming from. I still get it now at age 44. It has been perceived, by others, that I have had an easier path. When the total opposite is true. My path has not been, easier. My struggle has been the same, the fight for acceptance the same. I salute you Mr. Barnes.

  4. Vlad really has no right to be speaking to what reparations to African Americans who descend from enslaved people in America should look like. There are homeless people with advanced college degrees who can't find work in their degree field and that number is higher among Black people. There are people who've spent decades studying reparations who'd laugh at the shortsightedness and ignorance of Vlads commentary on the subject, even if it's not coming from a malicious place. That Vlad even thinks he's in a position to intelligently discuss, or entitled to a say so on this topic, not only that but to actually fix his mouth to determine what those reparations should look like says a lot about Vlad. The ironic thing is he probably doesn't know what its saying.

  5. Black People killed Malcolm X because he wasn't black enough but I guarantee you his brilliance came from having the perspective of seeing both sides. Stop hating your brother for things he cannot control. I have two black parents that have white blood due to slavery, thus doubling the amount of white blood in their children. Here in the South U.S. Ive heard black people use words like abomination to describe people that look like me even though I went home to my 2 brown skin parents everyday from school. Life's hard enough. "Hate cannot drive out hate, Only love can do that." Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  6. I fux with Vlad but you cant be making comments like "this one drop rule bullshit" when you are entirely ONE RACE lol If you aint Mixed (with black) you wont ever understand how much harder it is to be Black sometimes in some places Im Proud to be Black and Identify myself as such because like matt went on to say we had to Fight for Acceptance! and STILL DO!

  7. Vlad stop with the fuckery! YOu need to stay in your lane. When someone is half black and half white society sees them as black! You are so disconnected and you need to just stop speaking on black issues period. You are truly a culture vulture!

  8. Just how Matt Barnes said he’s never white enough & he’s never black enough, it’s the same with us Mexican Americans. In America we are never considered “American” even if we are born here. And in Mexico we are not considered Mexican they look down on us as less Mexican we are too “American” it’s fucked up.

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