Real vs. Fake NHL Jerseys (Guide)

EDIT: Please read other comments before posting. I’m seeing a lot of repeat questions, and it’s not that I don’t appreciate the inquiry, I just don’t feel like I need to …


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  1. I'm looking for a NYR jersey, and I see in the shop photos that some of the reebok jersey's have a rectangular shaped Reebok logo patch, white/silver with black text at the hip/waist of the jersey which I believe also states the size? Correct me if I'm wrong. Should all real jerseys have this rectangular patch? Some jersey's I've seen claim to be real with the price to match, but the shop photo does not have that rectangular patch. I hope I'm not being confusing!

  2. You are going to have a lot of people who view this video and think that the replica isn't good enough,when it really shouldn't matter.Bottom line is nobody can tell just by looking at the jersey whether it's the real article or not,and you'd have to take the jersey off and another person would have to look at it in detail to actually be able to tell.Just take pride in your team.

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  4. I have a fairly large jersey collection, and I have bought all kinds of jerseys. I always see videos like this that mention pricing. Some premiers sell as low as 50$ on eBay. I have gotten 5 premiers from sellers on eBay (full moon jerseys, etc) and they were all actually LESS than 50$.

  5. I'm looking for someone that makes really close if not real authentic custom jerseys. Team Norway to be specific, with my name n number. Can you point me in the right direction. I'm willing to pay around $200

  6. i just met my new nhl blackhawks fan member on youtube, showed me how to point out a real jersey from a fake, sadly i noticed my blackhawks jersey isnt real….. but that will be fixed for and no way am i throwing out the fake jersey still has a reason to kick around still…

  7. I don't take sides on this. Real jerseys overpriced. Fake jerseys not quite right. I am a Leafs fan and the fakes are pretty easy to spot as the crest is usually too big. I laugh when I see fans at games with the fakes. You pay $600 for a pair in the lowers and then wear that $40 jersey…..

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  9. Weird. I received a Blackhawks jersey for my birthday. I know it came from Scheels, which is a big sports store where I live. It seems authentic, but unless the NHL changed their jerseys and I wasn't aware, the logos are a bit weird. One thing that bugs me is that they are almost like a plastic material, real flat, no thread. Almost like it was ironed on then sewn. I just bought my dad a jersey, and I know it's fake. It's kinda like the one you had in this video (except white). I'm happy and he's happy with it. Fake or not, it's a Blackhawks jersey and doesn't make too much of a difference unless you're really into getting official hockey jerseys. It's just nice for him to have one. I mean what could you really expect, it came from China and was $35 on amazon (in my defense the picture they showed was authentic). But I just hope the one I got for my birthday is not fake, since that one cost about $150.

  10. Now I can really the tell the differences after watching this video.
    As a Ducks fan, I bought a blank mighty ducks jersey from ebay for $60, it looks actually nice but knew it was legit.
    I bought an orange third alternative perry jersey from ebay and boy, at first I loved it, but after buying two more jerseys (Getzlaf 2007-2014 jersey from ebay and Silfverberg 2015-present home jersey from the ducks store) I can totally tell the difference now!
    Unlike the mighty ducks, getzlaf and silfverberg jersey, my orange perry jersey wasn't embedded properly, the crest looks disgusting on the inside! The material felt cheap and disgusting, the "A" was off and the color orange looks so bright and tinted it just looks digesting. and of course the fight strap doesn't even look like a fight strap.
    Anyways, Im glad this video and buying legit jerseys helped me notice the difference. Need to buy a new orange jersey!

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