Fixing Jerseys Take 2

Yvonne shows examples of fixes made and that need to be made. Support The Hockey Guy via Patreon Follow me on …


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  1. I am wondering if I sent you a picture of my maple leafs jersey if you could let me know if I did okay tacking the name back on. It looked like an iron on and I tried to iron it back on using a cloth over it to iron it back on, but it didn't seem to want to work, so I tried to tack it back on by sewing the corners like you sew a button. Thanks for this video it was very helpful for me. Also thanks Shannon for getting my husband and I hooked on Full Moon Jerseys I am on it at least once a day looking to see if I can fine what I am looking for. We have started a own little collection. If you all ever end up on the east coast in the states we live in Virginia. It would be cool to meet you if you do ever come this far. Thanks for your wonderful and knowledgeable videos!

  2. Hey everyone… Just wanted to share a tip:

    The other night I spilled a drink on my white Virtanen Canucks jersey. Immediately I put it in the wash, inside out and by itself, on cold water. I let it HANG DRY and it was good as new. So just wanted to let everyone know that it is okay to wash your jerseys, even if they have the stitched name and numbers on there. So please don't freak out, just get your jersey in the wash ASAP if that happens to you. 🙂

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