TOP 10 AWAY/3RD KITS 2019/2020 – My Top Ten Jerseys Countdown List

My Top 10 Away / Third Kits for the 19/20 Season Top 10 kit list and where I purchased: 10. Nike PSG Paris Saint Germain Third – 9.


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  1. The trim and badge look really fluorescent on the Inter 3rd to me.

    Had a Belgium shirt a few years back which were the same, ruined a killer kit IMO. Is this as jarring on the Inter shirt?

  2. I want to get the Roma third jersey and the Inter third jersey but I don’t know what size to get. I’m 5’11 and quite skinny so I don’t know whether to get a medium or small. What size jerseys are yours?

  3. Great to see you Bro after such a long time with the kit video. I totally agree with your opinion and honestly this year the competition is more among the club jersey ratings as almost all of them are inspired by the retros. So I would end up buying almost all of them this year😜. Keep posting.🙏🇮🇳❤️

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