If NFL Teams Played Hockey! Jerseys Ranked 1-32

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  1. To confirm, for Brent: Edmonton's WHL team, the Oil Kings, have a black alternate jersey with neon-green on it. That was likely what Brent was thinking of, though there is a difference between navy-blue and black! 😛

  2. Why not the actual current eagles logo? You added the old one with the football.

    The artist was clever in the Bucs and Browns hockey clothing because the current football logos have football in them (Bucs logo has a skull and crossbones holding a football; Browns is literally a football helmet, and the old Browns logo has a person holding a football). But yet they add the old Eagle logo with a football? If you look at my PFP, that is the current Eagles logo and it has no football representation on it. I understand if that old Eagles logo looks good but at least remove the football.

    No hate tho, this was an amazing video.

  3. As a huge hockey fan, and a huge fan of the Buffalo Bills, I absolutely loved those Jerseys. Probably already said that when i first watched this vidoe. But I'm glad non Buffalonians can appreciate it.

  4. That Seattle jersey does not look like an Oilers jersey
    Some very cool jerseys here
    That Redskins shirt is absolute mint and my favourite, with a Green Bay number 2
    I'd happily buy the 'Skins jersey if it was ever available

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