10 Skills Invented by Lionel Messi ►Football's Scientist◄ ||HD||

The Ten Football Skills That Messi Invented || Skills Discovered & Used by Messi ||


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48 comentarios sobre “10 Skills Invented by Lionel Messi ►Football's Scientist◄ ||HD||”

  1. For ppl who say messi is great cuz he doesn’t need tricks to pass defenders, wrong, I’m a messi fan, I don’t even like Ronaldo, but admittedly ronaldo and even Neymar can be as good if not better than Messi if they just do the simple dribbles that messi do, cuz tricks aren’t even effective even if done at its best, don’t believe me? Messi is my prove

  2. Let's just agree Messi is a footballing genius, I'm 60 years old and I have never seen a more naturally gifted footballer ever, and probably never will. I am so glad I lived to to see the Legend that is Lionel Messi

  3. all his skills are wingers trickery nothing more nothing less…… he dont have graceful skills like R9, Maradona, Zidane, Ronaldiniho and other great players…… don't get me wrong here, he is still skilful player and great Barcelona player!.

  4. Messi's amazing,yeah.
    But,a lot of the 'tricks' in this video were shown by Pele and Garrincha,
    'The Little Bird',in the 50s.
    And,I'm prepared for the torrent of hatred,but,Ronaldinho was a much 'trickier' Player,closer to this Generation.

  5. Frist he aint made up none of those skills lool.
    Second he his gonna be a anther legendary player in the book of world class.
    3rd he aint won no world class cup yet and how many dose he have left🤔🤔
    4th go and look how many world class players he played with.so he had 2 be good…
    5th Brazil Ronaldo my best player I have watched.
    6th 2day age I say R9 tops missi just buy a little bit👍👍both r the best players of the era👍👍

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