PES – The Evolution (1995 – 2017)

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46 comentarios sobre “PES – The Evolution (1995 – 2017)”

  1. you forgot to change the game name at 1:00. the fourth one on PS1 was ISS Pro Evolution. there was a second one too, but since it was largely similar, i let it slide.

    also, please fix the thumbnail. the ISS on N64 had nothing to do with PES.

  2. Ummmm… I'm pretty sure you missed a couple of games from the original Playstation era. You had two clips from different games, both are titled ISS Pro 98 in your vid, when the second clip is actually ISS Pro Evolution. You can tell by the different nameplates for the players. That game also had a follow up which was THE football game on PS1, ISS Pro Evolution 2.

  3. Everything perfect except for the thumbnail… "Goal Storm" it was released in 1995 not 1997. Anyway, thank you for uploading this video of the best football video game franchise of the history, sadly FIFA is easily more popular than PES in these days, but the good thing is that PES still being superior in the important things, such as: gameplay, graphics and realism.

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