KuHhriZma's Top 15 Jerseys of 2018!

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camiseta portugal 2018 Las camisetas de fútbol de adidas se encuentran entre las preferidas de muchos equipos. Descubre por qué visitando nuestra colección en la web.

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    Want to take a second and thank everyone who supports this channel! 2018 was a great year but we’re going to be better and stronger in 2019. Let’s get it.

  2. Inter as number 1 can't be beat, Shame the design doesn't feature on the reverse though.
    Reckon Nike and Adidas will push designs further next year and teams with New Balance are always in for a treat.
    Favourites for me, Inter Home, Dutch Away, Mexico Home, Wolves Home (my boys 🙌) and the Gremio Home Shirt (even though it's impossible to purchase!).

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